Fusion Wallpaper

Fusion is already at play in a fabric collection of designs from Clarke & Clarke, fusing the dynamic movement and rich hues of the natural world within this stylishly painterly collection. In this dramatic wallpaper collection, florals and impressionistic designs appear on a range of stunning wallpapers, featuring dramatic brushstrokes and subtle interplays of light and dark.  From metal effects to rippling waters, there is a mood and a movement to Fusion that beguiles the senses.

This collection of designs has been gravure printed with a combination of micas, metallics, and textured impressions. Impactful and atmospheric, gloss textures have been added to some wallpaper designs, such as Camille, to enhance the prints, where others enjoy the drama of earth’s natural textures in abstract form. Floral, where present, are distorted and reshaped, and geometrics appear but not in their usual form.

Designs In This Collection

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